Aurum Suspension does suspension. That’s it.

We offer professional servicing, custom tuning, and set up of mountain bike suspension systems direct to customers and bike shops. Aurum Suspension will dial your ride and get you back on the trail in no time.


Aurum Suspension offers professional service of forks and shocks. All services begin with visual inspection of your suspension and notation of settings such as air pressure, compression, and rebound. Then we run your suspension through the dyno to get a baseline of how it is operating. Next, your suspension is disassembled and inspected for internal damage. A price estimate is discussed with you and work proceeds after approval. Finally, we test our work by running your suspension through the dyno to compare the pre- and post-service curves to assess that it is working properly. Aurum Suspension stands behind our work and offers a 90-day warranty.

14 Karat: Annual Service

Professional service of forks and shocks. This is your standard, annual service recommended by most manufacturers. The product is cleaned and rebuilt with a new dust wiper kit, seal kit, and oil.

18 Karat: Custom Tune

During the 14 Karat service we add a little more gold to custom tune the valve stack of your fork or shock to your weight, riding style and bike.

20 Karat: Professional setup

Combined with either the 14 Karat or 18 Karat service. We service your fork or shock and then professionally setup your suspension by adjusting the air pressure (spring rate for coil shocks), and external damping adjusters (rebound and compression) to your weight and riding style.

24 Karat: Professional setup using the Stendec Data Acquisition System

100% pure gold. We service and custom tune your fork and shock then professionally set up your suspension system to your weight and riding style using a Stendec data acquisition system (DAS).


Aurum: the Latin word for gold and chemical symbol Au.

Aurum Suspension is located in the historic gold-rush capital of Montana, Helena.  Aurum Suspension’s namesake is this mountain biking oasis the shop calls home, which has 70-miles of single-track trails literally out our back door. 

Aurum Suspension was established because we saw too many friends and family struggling to enjoy their [expensive] mountain bikes because the suspension system was not working properly or was not tuned or set up to their riding style or terrain. And, to get their suspension serviced, they risked losing most of the riding season before they got it back on their bike. We knew we could do better.

Aurum Suspension is owned and operated by Mike Williamson, an engineer by training and master bicycle mechanic who has worked in the bike industry since the mid-1990s. Mike loves bikes and he loves optimizing their performance even more. Mike is a Certified Technician of Advanced Suspension Technology from United Bicycle Institute. He also loves quality tools and has invested in the best tools to protect your suspension investments. Some of the tool companies include: Abbey Bike Tools, Andreani Group International, CTW automation, Orange Vise, Park Tool, Snap-On, Stendec Racing, and Wiha Tools.  


Shop Hours

Monday–Friday: 9-5
Saturday: Appointment Only

Sunday: Closed


Helena, Montana